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Completion of Master Plan Study at Leewood Golf Club

December 15, 2010

EASTCHESTER, NY- After months in the making, Heatwole Golf Design presented its Master Plan Study to the club’s membership.  During the process, Heatwole Golf Design met with the superintendent, club representatives, the irrigation designer, and clubhouse architects to receive input from all concerned parties.

The master plan took into consideration the history of the golf course while focusing on improvements that would make it more challenging and enjoyable for the members.  Particular areas of emphasis were creating more tee area for additional length and optimal alignment and the creation of ponds for improved strategy aesthetics and irrigation storage.  Another aspect of the study was the proposed building of two new greens which would cause existing holes to dogleg.

With a master plan in hand, the club can now prioritize its improvements while working towards their goal of improving the overall golfing experience at Leewood Golf Club.