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Another Putting Green at Penn State

July 17, 2011

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA-  In line with the golf course overall master plan PSU, contracted HGD to design a second putting adjacent to the Walker Clubhouse. This smaller “warm-up” green was constructed in late summer 2010.

The intent of the new green is  to allow golfers a chance to practice putting while waiting to tee off on the Blue or White Courses.  The proximity of the cart staging area to the two first tees lent itself to a natural site for the new practice area.  White Hole #1’s tee was moved forward, enlarged, and realigned to accommodate the new practice green in the area it formerly occupied.

The green opened in the early Summer of 2011 and has helped golfers find their pre-round putting stroke ever since.      


View images of the warm-up putting green