Golf Course Master Planning

Golf courses are continually evolving, and as with any business, need to have a plan for the future.  A Master Plan will provide you with a detailed overview of golf course improvements, that when implemented, will give you an edge in today’s competitive golf environment. 

Whether your goal is attracting new members, reducing maintenance costs, or simply improving the overall quality or upgrading certain components of your golf course, a Master Plan is a necessity.

Comprehensive Master Planning services:
• Detailed drawings
• Hole by hole description of improvements
• Color presentation graphics
• Proposed schedule/phasing plan
• Opinion of Probable Costs

Basic Planning services:
• Drawings
• Overall description of work
• Opinion of Probable Costs

Heatwole Golf Design can work within any club’s budgets and timeframes.  We will work hand in hand with your club in determining priorities, developing design alternatives, and reaching your overall goals for the course. 

Our clients find that the Master Plan, and even the basic planning services, provides them with a necessary tool for a more profitable, playable, and aesthetically pleasing golf course.